(First I wanted to tweet the following text, but then this got long… So I put it on my blog.)

After some contemplation, reading and thinking I decided to not to go to #Troopers20, due to #Covid_19.

I try to be as scientific as possible and I always trusted the @rki_de on all scientific topics, they consult on. Another expert on virology, @c_dosten, clearly says that the 1000 people rule is completely arbitrary and another import factor everybody must consider is the necessity of the social gathering. #Troopers20 is not necessary for me. What's necessary for me is the health of the elders in my family. Rather than going to #TR20, I will go shopping for my parents, grandparents, neighbors. I trust the experts, as I expect others trust to me and in my expertise.

To defend the health of our society we need to push down the number of infections, so our healthcare system is not overloaded. I can't cancel Troopers (I would), but I can do my part to reduce the number of infections. When we get infected at #TR20 we would add to the number of the infections at exactly the most vulnerable point (c.a. 9-10 days from today).

Let me also mention anthoer important point: If we don't push down that number of infections, we may face the same situation as our friends in Italy face today. The @rki_de has a VERY IMPORTANT point in their risk assessment for social gatherings: If many employees of critical infrastructure providers gather at an event, that should be calculated into the overall risk - and the event may be cancelled. IF we face the same situation as in Italy, critical infrastructure MUST WORK. Coping with multiple critical infrastructure (healthcare + X) failures at the same time would be catastrophic.

I assume many visitors of #Troopers20 are defenders and are - rightly - proud of that. So I asked myself: What is the best way to defend - in the current situation - what is most important: socienty and family?